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Electronic Medical Billing Software

837Direct is a software application used by healthcare providers to create and bill HIPAA compliant medical claims.HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act passed by Congress in 1996 required health plans, clearinghouses, and healthcare providers to adopt industry-wide ANSI standards and support exchange of administrative and financial healthcare transactions such as claims, remittance, eligibility, and claim status requests and responses.

  • 837Direct: Medical Billing Software

    Claim Acknowledgement

  • HIPAA 5010 Compliance

    Built-in Business Rules

  • 837Direct: Electronic Claims Processing Any Claim, Any Time, Anywhere

    HIPAA Compliance

  • Claims Acknowledgement Parser

    Any Claim, Any Time, Anywhere

837Direct currently supports Institutional and Professional 837 transactions. The Institutional 837 transaction (837i) is a reflection of the paper UB-04 and the Professional 837 transaction (837p) is a reflection of the paper CMS-1500.The current version of the 837 transactions is 5010 with the former being 4010A1. 837Direct is capable of handling import/export of your claim data in either version. In addition, it includes over 7,000 built-in business rules to catch claim errors, full audit-trail, workflow management and seamless integration to import billing data.

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From the beginning of our relationship with MEDTranDirect, we were extremely encouraged by their willingness to modify their system to meet our needs. The software is extremely valuable and user-friendly. No matter how small the issue is, the staff is always available. In short, we strongly recommend this system. MEDTranDirect offers a high quality product and personal assistance, and their desire to accommodate our needs helps us be successful."

- Shasta County Health Agency